Goldie and the Three Bares

From author Andy Richardson...

"Kat has given Goldie a deliciously naughty sense of humour, and this had me grinning in several places, and made the book a very relaxed read. I'd even suggest this is a fun book as much as an erotic one!"

˜ Andrew Richardson
June 17th, 2009

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Angel Gets Her Wings

4 Delightful Divas From Dark Diva Reviews

"...a hot, sexy read from the first sentence till the last period. It has cherubs, humor, Christmas, a naughty and nice list and most of all love….It kept me smiling the whole time... I will definitely keep an eye out for any future releases by Ms. Duarte."

˜ Sherry, Dark Diva Reviews
March 24th, 2009

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4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews

"The women characters, so confident and strong, were exactly what I needed. Parts of the story had me hot and bothered, and at other times, I was seriously cracking up. I love a good book that has a great storyline and adds in a little humor and some spicy love scenes. And I'd say that is exactly what Ms. Duarte has accomplished with this one. I was blessed to have come across such a great work of fiction. I am already itching to find other books that Ms. Duarte has written."

˜ Pamela, Fallen Angel Reviews
January 2009

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3 Stars from The Pen & Muse Reviews

"This tale is a great read for all those who love romance!"

The Pen & Muse
January 4 2009

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3 Stars from Author Melissa Bradley for

"This was a sweet and sassy tale that is just perfect for the holiday season. It was wickedly hilarious, at times poignant, but...never grew maudlin or overly sappy which is what many holiday stories tend to do. Ms. Duarte has a unique and clever style readers will love."

˜ Melissa Bradley for
December 15 2008

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Rise of the Wolf

Reviewer Top Pick and 4.5 out of 5 Hearts From Night Owl Reviews

", intelligent characters that grab you and take you along for a great ride. Add in a generous helping of steamy sex and you've got a winner in your hands."

˜ Samantha Ann for Night Owl Reviews
November 11 2008

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Blue Ribbon Rating, 5 out of 5, from Romance Junkies Reviews

" awesome read. I loved how she created a new theory for werewolves and their role against vampires. The book with all its twists and turns and great characters, opens the possibility for an exciting series. It has action, passion and a happy ending. You can't ask for more except maybe another adventure with a werewolf like Nathan."

˜ Ladybirdrobi for Romance Junkies Reviews

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From author Sloane Taylor for Café Lotti's Cafe Klatch Reviews

"...perfect to kick start to your holidays. Ms. Duarte has penned a poignant, squirm in your chair sexy read filled with humor and sincere emotion along with the hottest sex I've read in a long time."

˜ Sloane Taylor for Cafe Lotti's Cafe Klatch reviews
December 14 2008

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