On Writing

So...you want to be a writer, the most fabulous fiction writer there ever was. Welcome to one of the weirdest and most wondrous endeavors you can pursue. Being a writer means becoming part of a world where there sometimes seem to be more books about how to write than stories that have been written. There will come a time (if it hasn't already arrived) when you'll want to read every writing how-to book you can get your hands on and find out exactly how you can hone your writing skills to make it successfully into print and to the top of the best seller list (something I'm still dreaming about). Having already gone through that phase, let me impart the wisdom I've gathered and perhaps save you a bit of time.

Remember, this is just my personal take on the craft and craziness of writing. Much of what I have to say has been said by other authors and there are many who will take a completely different stand on the points I'll cover. Which brings us to the first "rule" about writing...

Every author has a unique writing process

Where do story ideas come from?

Research...do I have to?

Write what you know to be true

Know who you're writing: your main characters

Let your characters guide you

Don't let secondary characters derail your plot

Three points about plot

Write the stories that come to you, no matter what genre.

Why I don't believe in writer's block

Books on writing that I keep on my shelves

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