On Writing


Write the stories that come to you, no matter what genre.

Never ignore your muse, robot assistant, furry familiar or idea shipment from Poughkeepsie. (Refer to "Where do story ideas come from?") It is a wonderful and rare thing to have a whole plot pop into your head, so if that happens write it down immediately! So what if it's for a historical romance and you wanted to write a science fiction novel. Is it a good story? Then write it; a complete plot is too good to pass by. (You might even wind up writing a scifi western. Watch Joss Whedon's Firefly if you don't believe it can be done.) Remember that your subconscious works in mysterious ways to find out what's right for you.

Taking advantage of serendipitous events is also a good thing. I'm a big fan of science fiction and for years I wrote and tried to get published in that genre. Then one of my friends started writing erotic romance and told me that first time authors had a good chance of getting published in that genre. I started looking into the market and found a wide range of subgenres were being published, including erotic romance with elements of science fiction, horror or fantasy. I decided to try to write a scifi erotic romance, but instead my muse delivered a plot full of werewolves and vampires so that's what I wrote. It ended up as Rise of the Wolf, my first sale. I also found out that I love writing paranormal romance (erotic or otherwise). Do I still want to write scifi? Definitely and now with a few publishing credits to my name I'll have a better chance of getting that scifi published.

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